Remakes and Remasters

As consoles become replaced by new, more powerful ones, we no longer have viable means to play our nostalgic games. I am talking about games like: Pokemon Yellow, Legend of Zelda, Dragonquest VIII, Crash Bandicoot, etc.

It is nice that game developers create updated versions of these games for new systems, but do they really do these games justice?

What some developers need to realize that remakes aren’t just copies of the game with updated graphics. They need to realize that remastering a game means putting actual effort into making sure these gamers can feed on this nostalgia, but in a more accessible manner.

If the original game had DLC’s, include them into the updated version, don’t go halfway. Add some new content to the game as long as it doesn’t interfere with the old .I am worried that many developers today only focus on creating an exact replica of the original game, selling it off in modern consoles to make quick bucks.

For example, Skyrim: Special Edition is literally the same old Skyrim with hardly any changes. They even showcased that the water looks different, but there aren’t actual significant changes to the game. Bethesda could’ve fixed the game’s many bugs, but instead they focus only on graphics.


Now, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the 3ds was done right. The graphics were completely updated, adding 3d to the mix. There was a new content that fit with the game. There is a “Sheikah Stone” to help players find hints and clues on what to do in the game. There is a Master Edition that becomes unlockable once you beat the game. In this mode, every enemy is harder and there is even more treasure to find!

Remakes 3

I am hoping that developers would put full effort into remakes and remasters because these games are important to a lot of people. Some may have grown up with the game, and it is sad to see that the needs of the players get pushed aside for money.


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  1. I agree that remasters really need more effort put into them. Rereleases don’t really need more to them because it is just another release of the same game and I wouldn’t expect more. But remasters should at the very least update graphics/physics.


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