Rhythm Based Gaming

Remember when everyone was playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band?

Man, those were the days. People would jam together with plastic instruments, hoping to succeed in passing the song together. I think the time span of this era of rhythm gaming is from 2005-2012. Guitar Hero and Rock Band became a staple family-fun game in most households. What made this era happen?


  1. This was a new concept. We hardly had games with an interface that matched well with the gameplay. It was perfect. A plastic guitar with only five buttons and a strumming bar to match with mimicking real guitar. Rock Band had four-set drums and an actual microphone to boot. These accessories popularized and sensationalized playing these games.
  2. It was accessible. There were four different difficulties (a fifth one later on) that made it so that you didn’t have to be amazing at this game in order to have fun. This game has a saving system where if one of your members loses, one can cover for them by using “star power”. This system made it so that the whole team can succeed even if one player ultimately fails. For lefty handers, there was a lefty mode, so that they aren’t left in the dust.
  3. The games had songs that we knew. Imagine jamming on to Khalid with your friends. The series’ playlists had songs that are memorable and recognizable. Let me just list a few: One, Hotel California, Chop Suey, When We Were Young, Mississippi Queen, Highway Star, Bohemian Rhapsody.



Now, these types of games are no longer popular, but it was an appreciative era. It brought multiplayer gaming to a new level, incorporating parents to the gaming scene. Maybe, there will be a comeback, but it is nice to reminiscence.



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