The Limits of Graphics

I just have a quick thought towards graphics. Each year, our gaming technology grows more and more. Graphics become increasingly more realistic with each passing year. We are in the technological era where, pretty soon, we might reach the so called limit of graphics.


Once our video games have graphics that are exactly the same as in real life, where do we go from here. How can you make reality even more realistic? Would we just stay at this level, or would VR gaming take over. After all, the fourth dimensional world comes after the third dimensional. Many people play games to escape reality. Would they want to play games that mimic their reality? If we develop gaming to where we can actually get lost into the game. Aka if we morph into the game’s world, then what is the point of going back into reality?


Soon enough, we will see gaming that will blow our minds away. I am pretty sure that fifty years ago, people didn’t think that we can have virtual reality gaming and graphics that are as good as our newest games. What will become of the future of gaming and where will we reach the limit as to what these games will look like?


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