Tomb Raider: Controls -> Experience

How does playing Tomb Raider on your mobile device, with the original computer controls, affect your experience?

For me, it was probably one of the hardest feats of my life. Unlike modern interfaces, Lara Croft moves like a tank. She can’t just move right or left. She has to turn in that direction and then move up. Not to mention, phone screen sizes aren’t big, since they are suppose to be MOBILE devices. Your thumbs already cover a good portion of the controls. You can’t actually aim in this game to shoot at your enemies. It is random and depends on the direction that your facing, which again is even more difficult since Lara moves like a slow tank.


I managed to connect a PS4 controller to my phone, thinking that it would enhance my experience of the game, but alas I was still struggling with the controls. The only improvement was that I didn’t cover the screen with my thumbs, but the tank-like controls were too much to handle for me.


I find this control scheme very interesting because there seems to be a very polarized community for this game. There is a side that says that the controls are horrible and outdated (aka me). What I find intriguing is that the other side is arguing that they prefer these controls. It keeps the integrity of the original game, which was created about two decades ago. There is no reason to modernize the game’s controls since it is the true Tomb Raider experience. Those struggling with the controls should just suck it up and just adapt to the controls.

What is your stance on this and how was your experience with Tomb Raider?


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